TaylorMade Burner Soft




These balls have been made to help you hit it further, but still maintaining the soft feel and durability you would come to expect with top quality Taylormade Golf balls. You get the best of everything with this golf ball! When you crush the driver it feels from and like you have really hit it but when it comes to pitching or chipping and putting it feels lovely and soft.

Some science behind the ball is that the cover has a patented 2pc. 342 dimple cover made from Iothane™. The ball is 60 ball compressions.

The REACT core is what gives the feel of booming drives and soft feel around the greens. The LDP 324 dimple pattern and IOTHANE Cover is what gives the ball low drag through the air and high launch angle which promotes a longer ball flight.

Product features

  • LDP 342


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