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XXIO Prime Royal Driver

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Short Description

Deeper head CG for better launch combined with an improved face repulsion performance for longer distance.

The XXIO Prime Driver features a new enhanced cup face structure. A thinner area around the face and a higher repulsion over the entire face gives improved repulsion performance. The sweet spot has also been increased by 8% compared to the previous model to increase forgiveness on of centre hits.

The shallow-back head shape of the XXIO Prime driver inspires confidence at address, allowing golfers to launch the ball easily on the right trajectory to increase distance. The centre of gravity has been positioned deeper while maintaining the same height, to deliver a higher launch angle. The lightweight SP-800 shaft has also been made softer than the previous model from the centre to the tip, to increase carry distance. The shaft features a new Stretch-fill material to strengthen the shaft tip while making it lighter. The result is a new shaft that delivers a great feel at impact.

Club #1
Loft angle (°) 10.5 11.5
Lie angle (°) 58
Head size (cm3) 460
Length (inches) 45.75
Swing weight D1
Weight (g) 256 (R)

SR = Stiff Regular , S = Stiff , R = Regular, R2 = SENIOR

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