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XXIO 13 Driver

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This new, two-stage airfoil design harnesses aerodynamic forces to better stabilize the clubhead during your downswing. New ActivWing helps guide the club face into optimal strike position, making it easier for you to hit the sweet spot and improve ball speed.



In the upper corners of the toe and heel sides of the BiFlex Face, each side has its own unique edge shaping. The toe’s edge is stretched and rounded, while the heel’s is narrow and sharp. These geometries specifically adjust edge stiffness to match each side’s structural needs and expand the face’s high COR area. The BiFlex Face works like a strong frame around our highly flexible face, strategically reinforcing precise locations to optimize speed across the face.



Rebound Frame uses alternating layers of stiff and flexible zones to enhance overall COR, creating an effect that acts like a spring within a spring. XXIO 13 Drivers feature Rebound Frame with a Flat Cup Face for even more power on strikes across the face.



Our proprietary design positions mass in the butt-end of the shaft, under your grip and behind your hands. This counterweight provides an easier takeaway, helps you find the ideal spot at the top of your swing, and makes it easier to release into the downswing for more consistent contact.



To improve COR across the entire face, our Flat Cup Face has a larger, thinner center portion. This design allows for increased ball speed and distance no matter where you strike the ball. The Driver face is made from special Super-TIX® 51AF Titanium to allow for an even thinner, faster face.



To help keep the ball in play on every drive, we divided the face into six sections and designed each with its own custom Bulge and Roll. This segmented shaping counteracts off-course trajectories in all directions. Whether you strike it high, low, or off the toe or heel, the face imparts spin to help the ball stay straighter and carry farther.

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