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Titleist Pro V Dozen

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Short Description

The new Titleist Pro V1 golf ball for 2015 has been designed to give you more short game spin and control with a penetrating flight that does not sacrifice the feel and durability that has made this golf ball so popular over the years.

The Titleist Pro V1 2015 continues to be a three-piece golf ball and by using their multi-component construction they are able to produce a golf ball that will perform for all types of golfers.

Titleist have create a soft compression ZG core, a responsive inonomeric casing layer and a soft patented thermoset urethane cover with a tiled 352 dimple design.

All of these technologies combine to make a ball that will give you distance off the tee and through your long game and then more spin and distance control on your shorter scoring clubs.

Product Features

  • Exceptional distance
  • More short game control
  • Even softer feel
  • Drop-and-Stop™ green side control
  • Long lasting durability

Multi-component technology

  • ZG process core
  • Ionomeric casing layer
  • Softer Urethane Elastomer™ cover system
  • Spherically-tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design

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