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The Stance Minder is a precision golf training aid designed by PGA touring professional, Larry Hinson. The Stance Minder was designed to assist golfers of all levels in improving their game.

The Stance Minder can be compared to a combination master golf instructor and global positioning system (GPS) in that it positions or, conversely, locates your stance in precisely the same position and orientation, every time, in relationship to the target, the ball, and to the specific club used.

The Stance Minder has been designed and tables formulated to give beginners a jump start in achieving success with their game and the advanced amateur and pro a methodology for striving toward that elusive perfection.

Stance Minder will improve your:

  • Target alignment
  • Body alignment
  • Club face alignment
  • Stroke & swing alignment
  • Club shaft alignment
  • Ball position
  • Posture
  • Head position
  • Hand position
  • Stance Width
  • Foot position
  • Confidence and score!

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