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CG Launcher HB T MRH 6-PW Steel R

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Imagine how you’d enjoy those Sunday rounds if every iron in your bag had maximum forgiveness built-in. These irons deliver unbeatable forgiveness with their hollow construction, but a turbocharged face makes them faster than ever.

The Launcher HB Turbo Irons: they’re big, fast, and forgiving as forgiveness gets.

These are, simply put, the easiest-to-use irons we’ve ever made. Hollow construction provides a center of gravity location you just can’t get with traditional iron designs. The result? High, straight shots that seem effortless.

Launcher HB has always been a fast iron. But now, with an even thinner HT1770M steel insert, we’ve gone from fast to blinding.

Increased speeds across the face make these irons truly turbocharged, and that’s more distance for you on every shot.

Launcher HB Turbo’s long irons are everything you’d expect from our most forgiving set: their larger size makes it easy to reach distant pins.

As you move to the short irons, the blade lengths shorten and the top lines narrow. They’re more compact, with enough control to place the ball on the green and hold it there.

Say goodbye to low and slow. The HiBore Crown’s inverted shape moves mass down, pushing the center of gravity deep into the base of the iron. That placement produces shots that launch off the face, fly satisfyingly high, and stay on target.


4 20° 38.875″ 61.5° 2.73 D2 D1
5 23° 38.25″ 62.0° 2.03 D2 D1
6 26.5° 37.625″ 62.5° 2.03 D2 D1
7 30° 37.0″ 63.0° 1.73 D2 D1
8 34.5° 36.5″ 63.5° 1.73 D2 D1
9 39° 36.0″ 64.0° 1.73 D2 D1
P 44° 35.75″ 64.5° 1.73 D2 D1
D 49° 35.5″ 65.0° 1.23 D3 D2
*S 54.5° 35.5″ 65.0° 1.23 D3 D2


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