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Adidas Clamshell Spikes Silver


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Adidas ThinTech Cleats With Wrench (20 Spikes and Wrench)

Adidas ThinTech Cleats With Wrench (20 Spikes and Wrench)

GO LOW! Get closer to the ground with advanced THiNTech low-profile technology. Available in every adidas Golf shoe in 2010, our new, exclusive THiNTech cleat combines with an ultra-thin cleat attachment system known as performance insert system (PINS). This break-through in performance innovation creates a lower profile platform that reduces the distance between your foot and the course. The result? More stability, better balance, improved footwork, and ultimately better ball-striking. Going low has never been easier.
Clamshell Packing includes : 20 Cleats Plus Wrench. Color – White, Metallic Silver.

ThinTech Cleats will fit the Adidas 2010 range of golf shoes only.

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