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Adams Speedline Steel Set

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Short Description

If you are looking for an entire new set of clubs and bag hassle free at a fantastic price then look no further than this page.

If you are looking for an entire new set of clubs and bag hassle free at a fantastic price then look no further than this page.

The clubs have been designed to be some of the most forgiving clubs on the market. Adams is at the forefront of easy to use forgiving clubs and these are not an exception. As well as playing better golf you will also look great as the entire set is matched and coordinated to look really sharp.

What’s in the bag?

The driver has a low MOI which makes is much more stable when you don’t quite strike it as you might like. This will help you hit many more fairways and will get a better trajectory on the shot. The club has been designed using the latest in aerodynamic technologies. With the added streamline effect, it will help produce extra club head speed and in turn distance.

Fairway woods and Hybrids

If you ask most professional golfers what the best fairway and hybrid brand is most often then not they will probably say Adams. the same research and development that has been used to make the driver has been used here as well. The wood have a flat style sole and a super thin crown to transfer the MOI to the bottom of the club. This is what make the club so stable through impact, it means that even on off-center hits the club should rotate a lot less which makes the ball start closer to your intended target.

In this set, there is a 6,7,8,9 and pw. Don’t worry if you are expecting there to be a 5,4 and 3 irons the long irons being coming in the form of hybrids as they are much much easier to hit. The irons are similar to the woods in their forgiving design. The iron heads are oversized and the weight predominantly at the bottom. The also helps the MOI which helps reduce the clubs face and twisting which will lead to smaller shot description.


To round off the set, Adams have included a stainless steel putter with the weight distributed around the outskirts of the putter to help stability through your stroke.

Stand Bag
The set comes with a fantastic matching stand bag. As you can see it is impressively designed, being lightweight, easy to carry with multiple pockets and a rain hood for those rainy days.


Club Loft
Swing Weight
Driver 12° 57° 45.5″ D2 R L R S
3-Wood 16° 58° 43″ D1 R L R S
5-Wood 20° 59° 42.5″ D1 R L R S
4-Hybrid 23º 60.5º 39″ D1 R L R S
5-Hybrid 26° 61° 38″ D1 R L R S
6 29° 61.5° 37.5″ D1 R L R S
7 33° 62° 37″ D1 R L R S
8 37° 62.5° 36.5″ D1 R L R S
9 41° 63° 36″ D1 R L R S
PW 45° 63.25° 35.75″ D1 R L R S
SW 56° 63.5° 35.25″ D3 R L R S
Putter 70° 35″ R L R S

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