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Adams Speedline Graph Set

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Short Description

Adams Speedline Set started with industry-leading aerodynamic shaping for faster clubhead speed and is known now for advancing ball speed and distance standards utilizing velocity slot technology. With technology like this, the Speedline Set is a smart choice for any golfer who wants to get more distance, ball speed and easy to hit playability throughout the bag. Take your game to the next level with Speedline.

The clubs are made to be extra forgiving and will help you hit it straighter, higher and longer. Adams golf is one of the leaders in forgiving and easy to use clubs. So you can’t go wrong buying this set. As well as playing better golf you will also look the part with the same design and theme running throughout the set!

The Adams clubs have been tested, design and built using the latest technology making them forgiving and aerodynamic. This means you will hit it higher, longer and straighter

What’s in the bag?

The driver has been aerodynamically tested which is why it has the unique head design. With this, they have also managed to create a fantastically low MOI which helps the stability in the club face during impact which results in a smaller shot dispersion

Fairway woods and Hybrids
Adams are well known for their fairway woods and hybrids and with these 4 clubs you won’t be disappointed! Like the driver these have been extensively tested, they are incredibly easy to pick the ball up off the ground and will give a high and consistent ball flight. The clubs are designed with a heel-toe weight system that gives a slight draw bias. As most golfers have a slice and this will greatly reduce that. There is also a super thin crown to help create an ultra-low center of gravity, which again helps you get a better ball flight.

There is a 6,7,8,9,pw,sw irons within the set. They are all graphite shafted so those that struggle to get club head speed and distance might prefer to use these. They have a slightly oversize club head with the weight predominantly at the sole of the club. This is to improve the MOI. To keep the clubface straight through impact and make it easier for you to hit better shots.

The putter is an iconic style of putter that feels great in your hand. It is made from a stainless steel material, this gives it a lovely soft feel when you stroke the ball. The weight has been put around the outside of the putter to help improve the balance and consistency of the stroke.

Stand Bag
The set comes with a lovely matching stand bag. As you can see it is well designed, being lightweight, easy to carry with lots pockets and a rain hood for those rainy days.


Club Loft
Swing Weight
Driver 12° 57° 45.5″ D2 R L Lite
3-Wood 16° 58° 43″ D1 R L Lite
5-Wood 20° 59° 42.5″ D1 R L Lite
5-Hybrid 26° 61° 38″ D1 R L Lite
6 29° 61.5° 37″ D1 R L Lite
7 33° 62° 37″ D1 R L Lite
8 37° 62.5° 36.5″ D1 R L Lite
9 41° 63° 36″ D1 R L Lite
PW 45° 63.25° 35.75″ D3 R L Lite
SW 56° 63.5° 35.25″ D3 R L Lite
Putter 70° 35.25″ R L Lite

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