Welcome to the carbonwood age by TaylorMade

For the last 20 years, Titanium has been all the rage. But TaylorMade has always known that every material has a limit.

So, they started pushing the boundaries and now they’re leaving the old race behind to begin a completely new one. A race that drives beyond the here and now to raise the bar for what’s possible.

After 20 years in the making, the limits of titanium have been broken.

Introducing Stealth™ drivers with 60X Carbon Twist Face.

The trio includes:

Stealth Plus
Stealth HD

The face, made of 60 layers of carbon-composite fiber, is 40 percent lighter than a similarly sized titanium face to create a more efficient energy transfer and better ball speed consistency across the face.

Stealth Plus – 629€, pre-order price 579€

The Stealth Plus (8, 9, 10.5 degrees) offers an adjustable weight track in the sole for shot shaping purposes and provides 200-300 RPMs less spin.

Stealth – 599€, pre-order price 549€

The standard Stealth (9, 10.5, 12 degrees) has more weight situated low and deep in the head for a 15 percent higher MOI when compared to the Stealth Plus.

Stealth HD – 599€, pre-order price 549€

The draw-biased Stealth HD (9, 10.5, 12 degrees) is designed to promote a right-to-left flight, with similar spin to the Stealth, via an Inertia Generator positioned more in the heel.

Stealth Women’s – 599€, pre-order price 549€

Stealth Women’s (10.5, 12 degrees) alternative colorway gives the driver a striking metallic finish.

The Stealth drivers are available for pre-order now on our webstore and will be in stores in the beginning of February. If you are interested in a specific model, write info@golflifeshop.eu to get some more information!