Which Style of Golf Bag will best suit me and my Golf?

The modern golfer has a huge choice when it comes to a Golf Bag and they need to make a decision about which style they require. This article should help them make a more informed choice about which bag to have.

Tour/Staff Golf Bag

These bags are generally used by the tour players and professionals that you see on the TV however we are finding that a lot of amateurs like to use the same style. The benefit of this style of bag is the size. You can easily find your clubs and accessories in your bag and you will be able to fit everything but the kitchen sink into this style Golf Bag.

XXIO Staff Bag

Strangely enough the caddies that carry these bags for the tour pro will tend to carry these but we would not advise this and would always suggest you have a trolley.

Cart/Trolley Golf Bag

This style of bag is generally bigger than the norm and fits perfectly onto a trolley. The modern style cart or trolley bag tends to have all of the pockets facing forwards and they will also have quite a few dividers on the top of the bag for ease of finding your clubs.

TaylorMade StormDry WP Cartbag

If you have an electric trolley like a Motocaddy or a Powakaddy we would recommend that you get the matching bag as they have a small groove on the base of the bag that keeps the bag securely in place.

Make sure you get a bag as big as possible as the smaller cart bags tend to get a bit tight for a full set of equipment. All trolley bags come with a rain cover and the majority will still have a single strap to carry if needs be.

Stand Carry Golf Bag

The modern carry bag is bigger that it used to be as they have been designed to fit the body nicely. In the main they are fitted with a dual strap which allows the bag to be carried like a rucksack which is far more comfortable than a single strap.

You can get bags with plenty of space and lots of pockets but do be careful not to fill the bag too much as this just adds weight to your back.

Srixon Standbag

You can still put the majority of carry bags onto a trolley but they do not fit that well so we would suggest you have two bags if you are prone to alternate between the two.

Many carry bags will have a stand to keep the bag upright and our experience shows that the more expensive the bag the better the strap system is and the stand. Cheap bags are not always good value.

Pencil Golf Bag

These are the smallest of bags but are gaining in popularity. These small style pencil bags are great in the winter time when some clubs do not allow trolleys. They are very lightweight and some can even carry a full set. You cannot put too much in the pockets of these but this is great as it keeps the weight down.

TaylorMade Quiver Pencil Bag